Park City homeowners can now access up to $350,000 of their home equity

No monthly payments
No interest rate
No pre-payment penalty

What's different about Noah?

A debt-free approach to financing
We help Utah homeowners cash out a portion of their home equity without incurring new monthly payments or interest.  Our innovative equity sharing model is a debt-free alternative to traditional home equity loans and HELOCs, providing up to $500,000 in up-front financing for you to use however you want.
A faster pre-qualification process
Our application process makes it simple for you to provide the details we need about your address, your property, and yourself. As a co-investor in your Park City home, we view your application holistically in order to offer you the best possible financing terms for your unique situation, and our home advisory team is always just a quick call or email away.
A true partner in homeownership
Noah is there for you for your entire homeownership journey. We make money if your home has increased in value when you exit your financing contract. And if your home loses value, Noah shares in the losses with you. Due to our shared investment interest, we're here to support you through good times and bad through additional services like our Homeowner Protection Program.

People are talking

"One fintech startup, San Francisco-based Noah, is out to help them tap into their home equity without accumulating more debt. And it’s just secured $150 million to help it reach that goal."

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