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Exclusive Offer - $500 off Noah closing costs

No monthly payment
No interest
No pre-payment penalty
Gain the financial flexibility you need
Renovate your home
Invest in the comfort of your home while staying in the neighborhood you love.
Secure your savings
When life throws a curveball, have the financial flexibility to take it in stride.
Tackle your debt
Reclaim your financial flexibility by paying off student loan, credit card, and medical debt.
Build your business
Give yourself the security you need to invest in your small business.
A Home Value Investment lets you tap into your home value and increases your cash flow
A Home Value Investment lets you tap into your home value and increases your cash flow
We invest in your home

Noah provides up to $350,000 in upfront funding in exchange for a share in your home's value.

You owe nothing for 10 years

Use the funding from Noah to take care of today's need and tomorrow's plans. If you'd like to exit sooner, there are no prepayment penalties.

We share in your home value

When our agreement ends, you can choose to sell your home, refinance it or buy us out with savings. Our share is based on your home value, whether it has gone up or gone down.

See if partnering with Noah is right for you
Here’s a comparison of a Home Value Investment from Noah compared to a standard HELOC.


Interest rate
6% to 14%
Monthly payments
Credit score min
We've invested in over $270M worth of homes and counting
We have no problem sharing any gains in equity on our home with a company that provided us with funds in a manner that was so easy and required so little effort on our part.
We could not say enough positive words to describe the outstanding service we received from Noah. Very understanding and caring of our particular situation and worked diligently to satisfy our needs.
Steve and Dani
The people at Noah were superlative. They knew the value of our home and community and invested to allow us to stay in our San Diego neighborhood.
Marshall and Liz

The financing amount of $350,000 is for illustrative purposes only and is intended to demonstrate the maximum funding amount you may qualify for with Noah. The terms shown above are gross of any fees and expenses that occur during the Noah financing process. In general, the homeowner will be responsible for paying the following 3rd party service fees: Home Appraisal, Title, and Escrow. Noah also charges a one-time servicing fee of 3% of the financing amount due or $2,000, whichever is greater, at closing. These fees may result in homeowners receiving less cash than the estimate amount and also increase the total cost for overall financing. At the time of exit, the homeowner will be responsible for paying all costs associated with the exit method, such as a sale or refinancing of the home.