Noah vs. Reverse Mortgages

Owning a home is a smart investment, and you should be able to enjoy it. That’s why, unlike other products, Noah doesn’t burden homeowners with limiting requirements.

No monthly payments
Quick closing
Beyond credit score

A better way to access your home equity

Here’s a comparison of home equity sharing with Noah compared to a standard reverse mortgage product.
Reverse Mortgage
Age requirement
Available to homeowners of all ages
Available to seniors age 62 and older
Term length
10 years
No fixed duration, based on the life expectancy of the homeowner
Use of funds
No restrictions on use of funds
Restrictions of use of funds, in some cases
Low costs and transparent fees
High fees
Home type
No restrictions on type of home or property standards
The home must meet FHA minimum property standards
Repayment amount
Payment is linked to the change in value of the home
Principal amount increases each month based on interest rate

Still wondering if Noah is right for you?