Improve Your Credit Score with Noah

No monthly payments
No interest rate
No pre-payment penalty

How can home equity sharing improve your credit score?

We don't report to credit agencies
Unlike traditional home financing products like a HELOC, home equity sharing agreements contracts are not reported to credit agencies, meaning your funding from Noah will not show on a credit report and does not add to your debt load. Noah allows you to consolidate debt without monthly payments, making it easier to avoid credit decreases. This makes home equity sharing a great tool for debt consolidation, as it gives you time to increase your credit score without the risk of additional missed monthly payments.
A better financing process
Noah's application process makes it simple for you to provide the details we need to pre-qualify you for funding, without a soft credit pull. Our home advisors view your profile holistically in order to offer you the best possible financing terms for your unique situation, only pulling your credit once you start your final application for funding. Our partner’s credit scores have improved by as much as 60 points after receiving funding from Noah.
Flexible terms
We provide up to $350,000 in up-front financing for you to use however you want. At closing, you'll let us know how you'd like your money to be paid out at close of escrow – for many of our homeowner partners who use their financing to pay down debt, we're able to send a check directly to the credit agency on your behalf. And if you find you're able to pay Noah before the end of your 10 year agreement, you won't have to worry about any prepayment penalties.

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“I loved the way you can collect money from your home, but it doesn't sit on your credit report"

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