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Access your largest asset without additional debt or monthly payments

A home value investment from Noah provides up-front financing to be used however you like, in exchange for a portion of your home's value.

Receive your funds
Share your equity
Your home grows in value
Pay us back anytime before the end of the term

Let's take a closer look

Based on a home value of $1,000,000, an investment amount of $100,000 would represent a 15% Noah share in the value of your home.

Within 10 years you’d pay us back based on if the home value...

If your home value increased to
at the end of your contract
If your home value decreased to
at the end of your contract

Financing Process

Get your estimate
Submit an application
Schedule your home appraisal
Sign documents and receive your funds
Repay us later

What our customers are saying.

The process was very straightforward. The online information provided was very thorough, from application to funding, it was the simplest and quickest financing.

Steven A, San Jose, CA

Because of Noah, I can keep my home. They gave me options that I just didn't have with traditional lenders - who weren't flexible or willing to think outside the traditional paradigm.

Kim N, Berkeley, CA

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